Vyte vs Calendly

Vyte is a powerful and modern Calendly alternative that combines ease and productivity!

Calendly is one of the best tools for one-to-one scheduling. You create a personal scheduling page. You connect your calendars and set your weekly availability preferences. You share your link with anyone asking for a meeting. They pick an available time and an email is sent to everyone with the meeting confirmation.

So how Vyte is different from Calendly?

1. Vyte is more customisable

With Vyte, you can customise the look of your Vyte page with a custom logo and background. If you care about the appearance or your brand in front of potential clients, Vyte has a neat and clean interface!
Our interface is designed solely around providing the best possible scheduling experience. With a few clicks, your meeting is scheduled and added to your and your clients' calendar. Try to create your Vyte Page now.

Moreover, for our Enterprise clients, we allow full customisation of your domain URL and email templates! Contact us for more info.

2. We support multiple languages

Vyte automatically detects your invitees’ language thanks to the language they set in their web browser. Your scheduling page will be displayed to them in their language if that language is supported by Vyte (French, Portuguese, English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Swedish).

If not, your scheduling page will be displayed to them in English. In short, Vyte should be available in more languages.

3. Full calendar view

With Vyte, your customer will have a complete view of your calendar in a single shot. Easier, faster, our full calendar will make your scheduling process much smoother and easier for your customers.

4. Vyte is API-friendly

We know that sometimes, companies have specific needs, or need to develop their scheduling system. At Vyte, we've created an API to help them in this process. Our API is well documented and has all the functionalities for what you need. Furthermore, you can get notified in real-time with our Webhook on every event created by your team or users. Contact us for more information!
You’re now armed with knowledge! Hopefully, this short guide was useful to give you a general overview of Vyte.

Starting with Vyte is easy, and we're here in the chat if you need anything.

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