Schedule meetings from Slack

The fastest way to schedule a meeting with the members of a Slack channel.
Use our Slack bot or the /vyte slash command.

Schedule your team meetings right within Slack

If you want to invite a whole Slack channel, just mention the bot and tell it what and when you want to schedule the event. You can use the language you'd use with a friend. @vytebot will take care of everything else - for free.

Plan meetings with individual members of your team

Do you want to have a meeting with only one teammate or several of them? No problem! Our Slack bot can do that as well - only tell it with whom exactly you want to meet.

Vote on the best options

The bot detects which times will work for everyone and suggests them to every invitee of the meeting. People then vote on the date(s) they prefer and in the end the person who initiated the meeting can confirm the slot that suites most people.

Time zone support

The bot automatically detects in which time zone each member is. And it also knows that you don't like meetings at night. So don't worry. You will only get booked at appropriate times. You can also type /time to ask the bot to convert a time to everyone’s time zones!

Easy confirmation

After confirmation, every participant of the meeting receives it right in their calendar.

Individual availability

With our Vyte Pro plan you can set individual availabilities. of the meeting receives it right in their calendar.

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